August 31, 2007

No Love for Ian

I hear stuff around the NCAA Heisman Award. "Darren McFadden is a guaranteed Heisman winner." "No John David Booty's too good not to run away with the win." "What about Steve Slaton? He could be one of the best?" "Come on guys, it's Brian Brohm all the way, he's the best quarterback in college football!" Well, they are all right, all those guys definitely deserved to be mentioned in the running for Heisman. But I believe that these "experts" are forgetting someone very important.

Ian Johnson, junior running back out of Boise State.

The same Ian Johnson who once had a 240 yard, 5 touchdown game.

The same Ian Johnson who scored the Fiesta Bowl's game winning two-point conversion on a Statue of Liberty play.

The same Ian Johnson who immediately proposed to his girlfriend on national television after he scored the game winner.

And yes, the same Ian Johnson who led the nation last year in touchdowns as a sophomore.

It is ridiculous. He was 1st team All-American in most voting. The guy is only a junior. He should be recognized for the Heisman instead of always being noted as the "dark horse" by stupid experts. It seems like since his magical Fiesta Bowl, Johnson has fallen off the face of the Earth, same with his team, Boise State, who won against Weber State last night, 56-7 as Johnson had 128 yards on 18 carries for 3 touchdowns.

Heisman voters, vote Ian Johnson in '08.

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