August 8, 2007

B*rry B*nds H*s 756

Barriroid. B*rry. No matter what you call him, he is now baseball's all-time leading home run hitter. Whether you believe him or not, hate him or love him, he has sports greatest record now. Do I believe him? Certaintly not. It is unlogical that a 38-year-old man can hit 73 home runs in one season. That's crazy. The guy never hit more than 50 in a year and than "decided" to hit 73. Yeah. Right.

Barry saying that he thought steroids was flaxseed oil is awfully untruthful. A guy who's life revolves around training, just threw something into his mouth without even knowing what it was? Yeah right. JaMarcus Russell has a better chance of signing with the Raiders than that happening.

You know what made me sick about this the most? When Hank Aaron was showed on the scoreboard. Way to stay unenvolved Hank. Do you, a true legend, really want you're name there? Come on. All the old-time baseballers absoultely hate this guy, and now, you're congratulating him?

Bud Selig. Way to take Barry's side and call him. I thought we were against steroids? I guess not. You were too busy blabbing to George Mitchell, a guy who seemingly can't put two and two together in this scandal, to see a cheater, the very one who basically started this whole scandal? Come on Bud. Show some courage. Everyone knows you're against it. SAY SOMETHING. You're the commisioner of baseball.

Sorry, I will not be able to write H***** Barry Bonds Part Two, do to the fact it was based on him hitting 756.

As the old saying goes: "Cheaters never win". Will this time, the cheater won, even on the night his team lost.

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