August 2, 2007

Good-Bye, Michael Vick

Now, as I contemplate whether I should throw my Mike Vick jersey in the trash heap or burn it so it will never be seen again, I have this to say. I watched Mike Vick in his first year in the NFL, and I was amazed. I had never seen a player like him. Throw his 50% completion percentage out the window. He was remarkable. I mean, he ran for 1,000 yards as a quarterback. A quarterback! He did better than most NFL running backs did. He looked like a saint compared to his brother, Marcus. But it all started to unfold this last season. The whole "bird" scandal and a bunch of other scandals, he was already starting to build a hated reputation around the Average Joe Slob NFL fan. "That Miker Vick guy down in 'Lanta. Yeah, he is an awful QB, and now this garbage?" Now, he is being indicted on chargers so cruel and despicable, I wonder how I even liked this guy in the first place. Well, I guess I should have expected it from a guy nicknamed "Ookie".

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