August 9, 2007

Madonna at the Bat?

I was recently reading the "Extra Mustard" column on and I found out about this wikipedia page where it shows every player's on-deck song. Some players had good songs and other had songs I don't even want to say. So that is why I am counting down the 5 worst songs that Major Leaguers are using today.

5. Cliff Floyd; Chicago Cubs: "Theme From Sanford and Son"
Most songs try to make the crowd go nuts. "Crazy Train", "Immigrant Song and etc. But listening to a guy play the harmonica does not make me want to get out of my seat, much less move.

4. Richie Sexson; Seattle Mariners: "You Sexy Thing"
Look. I realize the play on Sexson's last name. But come on. As a fan, that song makes me uncomfortable. It is kind of like: "Oh. Richie's up."

3. Tom Glavine; New York Mets: "Snap Yo Fingers"
I know Tom Terrific just won number 300. But nothing says "You're a white, balding, 41 year old man" than having Lil' Jon play when you bat. In fact, why does Glavine even have a song? Pitchers really aren't supposed to have one. Having that song play while Glavine is batting is a little strange.

2. Matt Holliday; Colorado Rockies: "Holiday"
One word. Madonna. Having any song by her should make him be the primary target for every joke a Colorado Rockie pulls off. Once again, I know it is a play on his name, but having Madonna sing it is a tad awkward.

1. Bobby Crosby; Oakland Athletics: "Larger Than Life"
I'm sorry. Madonna is not as bad as having the Backstreet Boys singing your song. If Crosby wants 16-year-old girls to scream when he's up, well, he's doing it. Listen to five grown men sing like 11-year-old girls is not exactly a "crowd pleaser".

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