August 25, 2007

20 Times 10 Equals Hall of Fame

In a sea of dogfighting, steroids and gambling, there is one story that puts a smile on my face. Greg Maddux, yes, good Ol' Reliable Greg Maddux is in the news. Maddux has won his 10th game of the year of Friday, become the first pitcher in the history of baseball to win 10 games in 20 consecutive seasons. Not even Cy Young could do that (he previously held the record at 19 seasons). To be honest with you, I had no idea Maddux had even played 20 seasons. That kind of consistency is remarkable, especially in this day and age where the players are juiced. Maddux rarely throws 90 but is a pitcher's version of Ichiro Suzuki. Maddux has tremendous control, and controls his pitches the way Ichiro controls his pitches. Greg Maddux never strikes out many batters, and has almost taken over a journeyman's role the past few seasons, but with the same results. Maybe we should take time to recognize the remarkable achievement and record instead of concentrating on the achievements of false record.

Greg Maddux is one of the greatest pitchers of this generation, and if it weren't for Roger Clemens he would be the greatest pitcher of the generation.

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