August 10, 2007

David Beckham Dines in DC

MLS soccer had arguably its biggest night ever yesterday, as one David Beckham made his MLS debut. David Beckham is the biggest overseas import in the history of the league, obviously. But it remains to be seen whether Beckham can make this league even remotely interesting. ESPN is doing a horrendous job in covering Beckham. He could be a huge target for press, but they never advertise his games and his games are hardly ever on, 1 in every 3 games Beckham plays.

The doubters of Beckham say this: Pele couldn't do it, Mia Hamm couldn't do it and that Adu kid played as good as my kindergartener. David Beckham, is much different. First off, he doesn't have to prove himself, like Adu had to. He is playing mens soccer, which is much bigger than women's. And Beckham is still in his 30's, wheres Pele was in the decline of his career.

The problem with Beckham, is that people expect him to score 5 goals a game. He's not. He rarely scores, in fact. I think I player like Ronaldinho or Kaka could make a bigger splash. The American is used to Brian Urlacher beating the snot out of someone or Barry Bonds injected some illeagl drug into his hindquarters. They like power and action. Soccer is not. But Beckham has star power, and could make this league something to watch. Now, if they could only get Zidane...

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