August 4, 2007

Another Desperate Team

I have heard some crazy things in my life. John Daly ordering the salad, Kobe Bryant saying he wants to stay a Laker and Barry Bonds saying "Don't Do Drugs" (link but I have never heard anything crazier then what I just saw on the news. I have heard of young kids being signed early by professional sports team. O.J. Mayo was being recruited by college's in eighth grade and recently, a 15-year-old was recruited and signed to a scholarship by USC (I guess they decided to go younger) but no team has ever gone this low (or younger). Recently, soccer superteam Manchester United recruited a nine-year-old boy from Australia to play for their Junior Academy. This may come as a shocker to many, but the club then said that the recruit 40 of his age every year! If a club has to recruit nine-year-olds there is something wrong. How do you even know the competition he's playing against is even credible! Half the kids he was playing probably don't know how to dribble much less kick a ball even half the length of the field. For God Sake, the kids are still having orange breaks after halftime and getting snacks after the game! The boy's name is Rhain Davis and Man U got the tape after his grandfather sent it to them. So that's it? Some guy who you've never met before sends you a tape, and you don't even see the kid play, and you recruit him? Have teams really gotten this desperate that they have to recruit kids who aren't even past elementary school yet? )

By the way, I have seen the tape of him. All I see is a kid not passing the ball and constantly falling down, beating kids who don't even have pimples yet.

If you exscue me, I am going outside to make my own tape to send to Manchester United.

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