September 2, 2007

The Umpire Strikes Back

Okay, I know I am a little late on this subject. My bad. But I am outraged at Joba Chamberlin, the hotshot New York Yankee rookie, being suspended two games. He got suspended after throwing two 98 mile per hour fastballs over Kevin Youkillis's head, but Chamberlin was never warned. If you ask me, the umps and Major League Baseball are being a bit too picky these days. Umps now toss guys at rate that is as frequent as Alyssa Milano has boyfriends. Apparently you are not allowed to argue with the umpires, or you'll turn into Prince Fielder who got three games for arguing a call in a game "too aggressively".

Just a couple years ago, Torii Hunter got three games for throwing a baseball back at a pitcher after he was beaned.

Who is Bud Selig trying to be, Roger Goodell?

Maybe suspended these guys if they actually got into a real argument, like a bench clearing brawl a la Jose Offerman. The umps have short fuses and seem to be ready at moments notice to toss someone out. In fact, Bobby Abreu, a few months ago, got tossed for talking to a teammate in the dugout after he struck out. The umpire's back was turned to him and Abreu didn't scream or yell or throw a hissyfit. Maybe Major League Baseball should be a little bit more considered with its steroid investigation, which is going nowhere, instead of throwing someone out for something not out of the ordinary.

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