September 8, 2007

I'll Order a Fallen Hero

Rick Ankiel was sports hero. I mean, pitcher turned hitter, phenom turned bust turned phenom, it all works out to something magical. Until yesterday. Allegedly, Ankiel used human growth hormone in 2004 after his Tommy John surgery, allegedly using it from a prescribed doctor. Even though the doctor had to write an illegal prescription. Even though his doctor was a known subscriber. Even though-- well, I think you get the point. Rick Ankiel was the one who made us forget about B*rry B*nds. And Sammy Sosa. And Rafael Palmerio. He was making the St. Louis fans forget all about their fallen hero, Mark McGwire. Ankiel was on fire. I mean, you could have fried an egg on him. But now, like everyone else, he will be clouded in a smoke of despair and illegal performance enhancers.

There is a part two to this story. Troy Glaus, the 2002 World Series MVP and in 2000, hitter of 47 home runs, was found by to be using steroids from 2003-2004. Seems suspicious however, that during those seasons he was out with injuries. World Series MVP to Steroid User. What, is David Eckstein next? The difference between Glaus and Ankiel is that, even though both of the drugs they used were illegal in the U.S., Glaus's performance enhancers, testosterone and nalderone, were both illegal in Major League Baseball.

It seems as if there is some guy, behind the scenes, just shelling out names, one by one by one. (Thanks to Around the Horn for that last sentence.)

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