September 13, 2007

Season Tickets Holders Crushed

David Beckham and Greg Oden. Injured and injured. All those pre-paid season tickets down the drain. Come one Galaxy and Blazers, if they want that money back give it to them. People would not be paying to see your lousy franchises if Oden and Beckham weren't playing for them. Oden is out until NEXT year and Beckham has seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth. The cheapwad owners need to give people their money back or the fans will not come back. Even if Oden and Becks are healthy.

Oden = Knee

Beckham = Knee and Ankle

At least Beckham played ONE game.

Oden played a couple preseason games and had 10 fouls one game and 9 fouls the next game. Maybe the Blazer fans will go up to Seattle to watch wunderkid Kevin Durant play basketball.

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